Holistic Psychotherapy

What gives meaning to your life? 

Are there things that hold you back from living the life you dream of?

Do you get stuck in cycles of self-doubt or fear or shame?

Does the heaviness of pain or loss or regret keep you from moving forward in life?

Is it hard to feel safe to trust yourself or others?

Together we will explore the challenges that you face in life – in relationships, work, and identity – and co-create short and long-term goals to help you find your way towards the life that you seek to live. I help clients reduce symptoms and distress, increase resilience and self-confidence and bolster internal strengths and resources.

My style of therapy is warm, affirming and rooted in developing a safe, nurturing therapeutic relationship from which you can better understand and change patterns in relationships and behaviors that are hindering you from reaching your goals and living your best life.

I work with each client in an individualized way, tailoring therapy to each person’s needs, preferences and styles. I have training in and utilize techniques from the following types of psychotherapy:

My work is grounded in mind-body-spirit connections, and I support individuals in bringing their whole selves to therapy. I bring 10+ years of providing psychotherapy to individuals, groups and families from diverse backgrounds, life experiences and life challenges.

I am a queer identified, LGBTQ affirming therapist. I grew up in the Orthodox Jewish community and have have a special interest and expertise in working with individuals who are exploring or grappling with the intersection of these parts of identity and self.

Areas of Focus:

  • Cultivating fulfilling relationships

  • Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem

  • Sexuality, Gender Identity and Expression

  • Body image

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Cultivating healthy relationships to food and substances

  • Healing from trauma

  • Finding meaning in work and career

  • Work with individuals from the Orthodox Jewish community

Choosing the right therapist for you can be an overwhelming process, and it’s important to find someone that you connect and feel comfortable with. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to anyone interested in working with me prior to making the financial commitment to seeing me in person. Feel free to call 646-957-6848 or e-mail me krcLCSW@gmail.com - whichever feels most comfortable to you.