Mindful Yoga

Life can get very busy and many of us rush from one responsibility to the next. Dedicating time to practice yoga is an opportunity to slow down and undo the tension and anxiety that can build from living a full and sometimes frenzied life. Through connecting with our breath, and moving mindfully we can shift our nervous system from the depleting “flight, fight, freeze” response to daily stressors into a healing “rest and digest” mode.

The word yoga means or “yoking” or connecting. Practicing yoga is an opportunity for you to connect with your body, breath, mind and spirit and cultivate balance in the body and in life. My training is from the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy, a style of yoga that focuses on developing a trust in the wisdom of your body as a tool for positive life change. You do not need to be flexible or athletic to reap the benefits of yoga and I welcome individuals of all ages, experiences and bodies to my classes.

For some of us, because of physical or emotional pain, past traumas or a busy mind it can be challenging to be with and experience our bodies. My yoga classes focus on utilizing mindful movement and embodiment (the experience of connecting with and experience what is happening in your body) as vehicles to move through life challenges, heal tender wounds, and build your capacity to be compassionate and kind towards yourself – all of which in turn can have profound positive ripple effects on the relationships in your life.

Benefits of Mindful, Embodied Yoga:

·      A better night’s sleep and relief from insomnia

·      Decreased worry, stress and anxiety

·      A balanced mood and reduction of depression symptoms

·      Increased focus and productivity

·      Relief from physical and emotional pain

·      Increased self-compassion and self-love

·      Improved interpersonal relationships

·      Spiritual connections

·      A calm mind and easeful body

·      Improved digestion, lower-blood pressure, relief from migraines

·      Increased physical and emotional strength

·      Physical and psychological flexibility

·      Increased life satisfaction, joy and peace

Yoga Workshop Offerings:

 Yoga for Mood Balance

 Cultivating Self-Compassion and Self-Love Through Yoga

 Self-Care for Care-Partners and Care-Professionals

 Queer and Trans Affirming Yoga

 Yoga for Resiliency

 Yoga for Healing From Heartbreak


Please visit Third Root Community Center and Abhaya Yoga: Fear Less, Love More for current studio classes and workshops or contact me to set up a private session or small group class.